Nemtek energizer – 2 zónás elektromos kerítésvédelmi energizer és vezérlő, 9,7kV, 2×2,5J, max 2 kezelő, 1 be/2 kimenet, opt vez. hossz 2x7km

Druid 24 LCD is a two zones electric fencing system energizer. The central unit generates a 9,7 kV pulse in every second, and offers 2x2J non-lethal output energy to shock everyone who touch the wires. That will deter or stop an intruder. Both of the high voltage and low voltage wires are monitored againts cutting or tamper. Adaptive power technology offer a new and unique method in detecting how much power a fence can accept and handle before it starts to arc and waste energy, thus maximising the power on the fence. Two keypads can be added to remotely control the energizer from a maximum 100 meters distance, but available an input to on/off remotely. The energizer also has a gate monitor input which can be used to monitor the position of the gate, and two outputs for strobe and siren and strobe light. Druid 24 has an internal battery backup system in case of power failure, which provides a 24h working period without power from the mains. Optimal wire lenght is 2×6 km. A four zone system can be created by connecting two Druid 24 together on a communication bus.